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Time to Manage Your Risk

Rapidly Implement Portfolio Risk Analysis

As a portfolio manager, trader, or risk manager, you need a comprehensive, powerful, and dynamic system to identify and analyze market risk and exposure.

The answer is RiskAPI®:

An on-demand risk engine in the cloud for hedge funds, broker-dealers, commodity producers, reporting providers, OMS/EMS, ETRM's and more.

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RiskAPI Add-In

Cloud-based portfolio risk analysis calculations in Excel.

RiskAPI Enterprise

High-performance risk engine in the cloud accessible via a distributed API.

RiskAPI Reporting

Serverless, secure, automated risk reports delivered via email or ftp.

Equity Factor Model

A robust fundamental multi-factor model for equity market risk.

RiskAPI Quantitative Features

API-driven Risk Engine in the Cloud

Multi-model Value at Risk (VaR)

Parametric, Historical Simulation, and Monte Carlo. Portfolio, Position, Component. Includes Conditional VaR/ETL

Exposure Analysis/Benchmarking

Beta, Correlation, Alpha and more against thousands of indexes, baskets, positions, and portfolio vs. portfolio. Multi-currency, multi-period, with decay or without.

Stress Testing

Scenario analysis, instantaneous shocks, single and multi-dimensional, single and multi-factor.

Options & Fixed Income Analytics and Valuation

A whole spectrum of pricing models, along with sensitivity analysis and valuation.

Asset Classes/Regions broad instrument coverage

API Calculations Available VaR, Exposure, Stress, and more...

Programming Frameworks .Net, Java, Python, REST

Industries Served Hedge funds, Broker-dealers, Commodity Producers, Proprietary Trading and more...

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Multi-model VaR, Stress-Testing, Exposure Analysis and Valuation

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