PortfolioScience SEC 18F-4 Reporting

Risk Monitoring of Derivative Portfolios

SEC 18F-4 VaR Risk Reporting

For funds required to apply SEC 18F-4 “Use of Derivatives for Registered Funds”, the PortfolioScience RiskAPI service can be used to easily produce the required VaR and Stress Testing calculations required to monitor risk limits for derivative portfolios.

RiskAPI offers automated and rapid access to a whole library of multi-asset VaR models, allowing seamless calculation and monitoring of required risk limits for derivative positions. All Parameters are easily configurable to match the model requirements of the SEC rule: time horizon, historical data, and more.


Absolute VaR

Reporting on portfolio VaR as a percent of market value. Available across multiple funds and sub-entities. Utilization any of several available models and included extensive data & valuation.

Relative VaR

VaR as compared to a Reference Portfolio based on a wide selection of thousands of available domestic and global indexes.


Multiple methods and approaches to portfolio shocks and scenario analysis, all flexible and configurable.


Automated VaR Reporting

Intra-day Calculations

Email Delivery

Included Data and Computing

Highly Customizable

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