RiskAPI® Enterprise

On-demand Risk Engine in the cloud via .Net, Java, Python, or REST

RiskAPI is a hosted API-based service that allows hedge funds, broker-dealers, commodity producers, and service providers to integrate live risk analytics within their existing applications and infrastructure.

Access a full range of risk analysis functionality - multimodel VaR, stress testing, benchmarking, valuation, plus other powerful calculation features - all within reach via on-demand API calls.

Rapidly build secure and powerful enteprise risk systems. RiskAPI allows developers to leverage included historical data, computing, and analytical resources to create sophisticated reports, on-demand analytics, deep exposure metrics, and much more.

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  • Hosted Risk Engine in the Cloud
  • API in .Net, java, Python, or REST
  • Multi-model, Value at Risk (VaR)
  • VaR Decomposition, Distribution, and Conditional VaR
  • Stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Equity Factor Model
  • Options & Fixed Income pricing, analytics, & risk
  • Models, data, and computing power all included
  • Secure, Encrypted, and Stateless - no portfolio data stored


  • Global Equities: US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim, Latin America, Africa/ME
  • US & International Equity Options
  • Global Futures & Options (includes refined energy products)
  • Metals Forwards (including daily contracts and historical interpolated curve data)
  • Globbal Currencies and Currency Options (including Crypto-currencies)
  • Fixed Income